Sustainable product tips

We are continuously developing our range of sustainable products in order to encourage our customers to make more sustainable purchase choices. Below are a few selected items from our range promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Clas Ohlson opt for ecolabelled cleaning products

Now Clas Ohlson can offer their customers a new series of ecolabelled cleaning products, a modern and sustainable addition to Clas Ohlson's wide product range. The series of cleaning products which was launched recently is ecolabelled with the Nordic Swan.

For further information regarding Clas Ohlson's series of ecolabelled cleaning products: Universal Floor CleanerWood Floor CleanerKitchen SprayBathroom SprayWindow Spray and Universal Spray.

World’s first eco labelled tea light

Clas Ohlson can offer the world’s first eco labelled tea light, a modern and sustainable alternative to the traditional tea light. The tea light is the result of several years’ research, and has been given the Nordic Ecolabel.

The traditional disposable tea light has a light holder in aluminium, which is difficult to collect and recycle. In Sweden only, we use a total of 300 million tea lights per year, which corresponds to an aluminium consumption of over 225 million tonnes per year. Just under half of that amount is estimated to be recycled. Aluminium production uses a vast amount of energy. To produce just one kilo of aluminium the energy used corresponds to the same amount of energy as in three litres of petrol.

Through Clas Ohlson’s launch of a brand new tea light, made from 100 per cent stearin, i.e. completely free from paraffin and palm oil, and without the disposable aluminium cup, we can offer the customer a modern and sustainable option to the traditional tea light. When the light has burned down, it is simply replaced by putting a new refill in the glass holder. The tea light has gotten the Nordic Ecolabel stamp.

The two inventors Ronny Hjelm and Hugo Lundkvist, Refillsystem i Oxelösund AB, in collaboration with Clas Ohlson, has developed the product. Together they turned dream about a light with a sound environmental profile into reality.

Recycling broken plastic crates

Clas Ohlson is creating new products out of old broken crates and giving over a tonne of plastic a new life. Blue leaf rake heads are a result of 100 per cent recycled material and made locally in Dalarna.

Folding blue plastic crates are used for handling all the products in the stores and at the Clas Ohlson Distribution Centre in Insjön. Sometimes these crates break, and until now, this has meant that the crates can't be used any longer. Instead of throwing this plastic away, it is now reformed into a new material for making new products out of. Clas Ohlson recycles around 1 tonne of plastic per year. The plastic is collected at the Clas Ohlson warehouse and transported to a local firm in Dalarna who grind it down and make new products. Thus, Clas Ohlson's blue leaf rake heads are made of 100 per cent recycled material. This means that apart from being cheap, they are environmentally-friendly, which means a great deal to us at Clas Ohlson.

Make your own nutrient-rich soil

With our Mully hot compost bin you can turn your ordinary garden and kitchen waste into productive compost. This container also has an ingenious design, using a bottom plate that is impenetrable for both mice and birds. In addition, the bin is made of environmentally-friendly recycled plastic. This is what we call a product designed for a sustainable lifestyle.