Our sustainability agenda

Sustainability is a prerequisite for long-term profitability. At Clas Ohlson, we integrate environmental and social aspects into the company’s strategy and organisation. This we do under the motto: “from here to sustainability”.

From Here to Sustainability, the green speech bubble in stores and online, attracts attention to our sustainable offering. It raises awareness of products and services that have better environmental performance than comparable products and services, and informs of how they contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. 


"From here to sustainability" also describes the journey we are on as a company. We have eight prioritised areas to help us navigate this journey.

Towards a resource-efficient value chain

Our long-term aim is to help make the value chain more resource-efficient. In order to do this, we need to promote transparency and expand our offering of service solutions that supplement our product offering.

Retail has traditionally been about selling products. Developing services that help customers reuse and recycle products is central for achieving resource efficiency. During the year, a number of stores launched a service for hiring tools. The results of this pilot project will form the basis for developing the concept and expanding it to a larger scale.


2016/17: An integrated approach

Continued integration of sustainability to our strategy and processes, with focus on customer offering, sourcing and logistics.

We have new ambitious targets for 2020 – to decrease our carbon dioxide emissions relatively to our net sales, and to increase the sales of sustainable products to 25 per cent – from previous, and already achieved, 14 per cent.


2020: A sustainable customer offering

We promote products and services for a more sustainable lifestyle and help our customers reduce their environmental impact.

Our sustainable customer offering plays an increasingly tangible role and helps us to realise Clas Ohlson’s vision. We specify our role in a circular economy.


Long-term ambition: A resource-efficient value chain

We reuse, recycle and invent products and services and develop our way of working. All with the ambition of contributing to a more resource-efficient value chain.