Our sustainability agenda

Our vision is to develop Clas Ohlson into a leading international retail chain. In terms of our current global situation, not to say the least in the near future, sustainability is a core requirement for long-term development. That's why our agenda on sustainability permeates our operations, as it is highly supportive in our efforts to reach our vision.

The focus of our sustainability work is founded on our core analysis, which defines the importance of diverse issues for our stakeholders and our business development plans from an aggregated perspective. What we have concluded as our most important concerns is in providing products and services that support a more sustainable lifestyle and for enabling customers to use and maintain the products they have. More information on products reflecting a more sustainable lifestyle and other prioritised areas can be found here.

Integrating sustainability throughout our entire organisation establishes six strategic focus areas for Clas Ohlson:

  • Our customer offers
  • Our customer relations
  • Our expansion goals
  • Our supply chain effectiveness
  • Our way of working
  • Our staff

CSR plays a strong supporting role in integrating sustainability into our strategic focus areas. The Sustainability Council represents all vital parts of our operations and ensures that we remain focused on environment and social issues. More information on our strategic focus areas can be found here.

Clas Ohlson's strong core values serve as a compass which steers all work within the organisation. It demonstrates how we should relate to each other, our customers, suppliers and society in general.

Annual Report

Download the Clas Ohlson Annual Report 2016/17

Annual Report 2016/17