Save the Children

Since several years Clas Ohlson has a strategic partnership with Save the Children. Our focus is to support migrant worker families in China.

In China, many workers have moved from their homes in the countryside to work at a factory that is often located far from home. Since the right to education and health care is tied to where one resides, this causes major problems for migrant workers and their families. Therefore, we believe it is important to support with homework and other after-school activities for the children. Migrant workers are also offered consultations with regard to health, education and integration, as well as legal support in the case of labour disputes, if necessary. Through a fundraising campaign in our stores, we and our customers together have donated money to Save the Children’s project in China.

Another of Save the Children’s projects in China is WeSupport. Under WeSupport, we work together with Disney, HP, H&M and ICA, with the aim of increasing suppliers’ skills in how to, for example, manage cases of child labour, work actively to promote a better dialogue between workers and factory management and support workers in their role as a long-distance parent, for those that have moved, from rural to industrial areas and left their children with grandparents.

Clas Ohlson also contributes to their disaster relief fund, that allows Save the Children to be on site immediately in disaster-stricken areas.

More information on Save the Children can be found on their webpage.