Sustainability blog: Our journey

We know that the world in which our customers will be living in the future will fundamentally change the expectations of us as a company.

By continuously disclosing the steps we are taking, we hope to engage and motivate our stakeholders to join us on our mutual journey from here to sustainability.

This year's Battery Hunt!

April 2017

The Battery Hunt – a competition and informational campaign about recycling and sustainability for fourth graders in Sweden - drew about 35,000 participants this year, and generated 126 tonnes of used batteries.

Compared to last year, more participants had a chance to become winners in this year’s Battery Hunt. In this edition, the Battery Hunt included, in addition to the collecting of used batteries, a creative competition and an educational competition. The participating school classes were able to collect points in each section of the Battery Hunt, and gather a few extra points in a variety of games during the entire period, between 1 February  and 5 April 2017.  

The added elements to the competition seem to be have been appreciated by the fourth graders, as the number of participating school classes increased by 30 percent compared to last year, landing on 1,400.

“We have seen that the Battery Hunt generates great commitment, and from Clas Ohlson’s viewpoint, we feel that this competition is a very good project as a whole. It is in line with our business – we are taking responsibility for the products that we sell – and it is an effort that generates long-term effects as well, as we, this fourth edition of the Battery Hunt, have reached 120,000 fourth graders in total, with positive messages of recycling. Counting in all siblings, parents and friends of these students, we have an even greater number of people reached”, says Åsa Portnoff Sundström, Head of Sustainability at Clas Ohlson.

The happy winners of the Battery Hunt 2017, were the students of class 4 at Viktoriaskolan in Örebro, Sweden. Their contribution to the creative competition consisted of several flash mobs, in which they informed the general public about the importance of recycling. They are now the winners of 50,000 SEK, an exclusive date with Victor Beer, Emil Beer and Joel Adolphsson from the Youtube-trio "IJustWantToBeCool", and a visit to the class from the "Maker Tour" of Tekniska Museet.

The initiators of the Battery Hunt is “Håll Sverige Rent” (The Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation) VARTA batteries, and Clas Ohlson, who in a joint effort strive to increase the amount of batteries recycled in Sweden.