Sustainability blog: Our journey

We know that the world in which our customers will be living in the future will fundamentally change the expectations of us as a company.

By continuously disclosing the steps we are taking, we hope to engage and motivate our stakeholders to join us on our mutual journey from here to sustainability.

Save the Children, part of the Christmas campaign

December 2015

As a part of our work with the Save the Children organisation, we are now encouraging our customers to join us in helping out. This is achieved through selected products where part of the revenue goes directly to Save the Children.

The money goes to the Save the Children project in China which Clas Ohlson supports and which so far has helped 340 migrant children plus 760 migrant parents and migrant workers receive support in the form of education, meaningful leisure time, healthcare and help with integration into society.

“Our efforts here mean a lot. The projects we support which are run by Save the Children offer a good and safe environment for the children to be in after school together with adults. They have the opportunity for some real leisure time and even get help with their homework. The project also arranges activities in which parents and children can participate together”, says Åsa Portnoff Sundström, Head of Sustainability.