Sustainability blog: Our journey

We know that the world in which our customers will be living in the future will fundamentally change the expectations of us as a company.

By continuously disclosing the steps we are taking, we hope to engage and motivate our stakeholders to join us on our mutual journey from here to sustainability.

Reduced environmental impact

August 2017

We are continuously optimising logistics and the way we use packaging materials. Now we take yet another step by combining shipments from our suppliers in China.

The majority of our suppliers today are located in China. Products are transported from the factories to harbours and then shipped off to Sweden.

We have now started a process to divert our distribution, for products to be transported to packing centres. The goods is then controlled and then packed optimally in 40-foot containers.

“By combining shipments from multiple different suppliers, we are able to transport our goods in a much more resource efficient way,” says Johan Palmqvist, manager for purchasing development at Clas Ohlson. “The containers we ship are optimally packed, which means that we can reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. We also gain increased control over our goods, by being able to check the quality of the goods already in the packing centres. This reduces waste in form of damaged goods.”

This diversion started during summer 2017 and is to continue until the end of summer 2018.