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Clas Ohlson opt for ecolabelled cleaning products

March 2015

Now Clas Ohlson can offer their customers a new series of ecolabelled cleaning products, a modern and sustainable addition to Clas Ohlson's wide product range. The series of cleaning products which was launched recently is ecolabelled with the Nordic Swan.

Clas Ohlson's new series of ecolabelled cleaning products includes kitchen spray, bathroom spray, window spray and floor cleaner. The products are effective, value for money and environmentally-friendly. Substances such as perfumes, preservatives and allergens are heavily regulated so the products have been tested to ensure that they are effective, long-lasting, and have packaging designed for reduced environmental impact.

“The Swan label sets high demands on the avoidance of substances harmful for health and the environmental and that constituent cleaning agents break down easily in nature. Clas Ohlson's new series of cleaning products meet all of the demands we impose on a Swan labelled product”, says Lina Harström, from Nordic Swan.

The ecolabelled household cleaners are produced by Smart Microfiber System AB, who have been working on finding the right raw materials to use such as the Swedish rapeseed oil for the wood floor cleaner. The series of products is available through all of Clas Ohlson's sales channels.

“We want to help our customers make smart and environmentally sound choices. We hope that our customers will appreciate this alternative which is just one of many examples of how we at Clas Ohlson are endeavouring to create smart, simple alternatives at reasonable prices and with reduced environmental impact”, says Eva Berg, Category Manager at Clas Ohlson.

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