Sustainability blog: Our journey

We know that the world in which our customers will be living in the future will fundamentally change the expectations of us as a company.

By continuously disclosing the steps we are taking, we hope to engage and motivate our stakeholders to join us on our mutual journey from here to sustainability.

Sustainable service: Spare parts

May 2017

Every year, plenty of products are being thrown away for no good reason, things that could have gained new life from a spare part or from a capable service.

Clas Ohlson offers spare parts and repairs in order to prolong the lifespan of many different products – smart and practical solutions.

Per Dahler, Tomas Håkansson

"Prolonging the life of products essentially comes down to two things: sustainability and service. As a customer, you should feel safe when buying at Clas Ohlson" says Tomas Håkansson, Manager for spare parts at Clas Ohlson. "Clas Ohlson offers services according to guarantee, but we can also serve products so old that guarantees no longer apply. Even if a customer has bought a machine from us 20 years ago, the customer can still contact us and ask if we can repair it. Or buy a spare part for it."

Clas Ohlson has over 10,000 spare part articles in stock, and adds about 300-400 new articles yearly to the assortment, based on customer requests. Customers can ask for parts that are not in stock - the company's spare parts department will do everything possible to find what is asked for. Sometimes the spares are no longer being manufactured - this makes them somewhat more difficult to get hold off.  But there is a good chance Clas Ohlson can obtain these as well. This requires skilled and experienced co-workers.

"Our technicians really go the extra mile to meet our customer’s requests", says Per Dahler, Manager for the workshops at Clas Ohlson. "We have accumulated many years of experience in solving different challenges. Sometimes we choose to handle certain returned products in our workshops, just to get access to the parts that we can find in them. Over the years, our amazing technicians have gotten a great understanding of what parts are hard to come by, so we store many “good to have” spares in our facility. This is where we can often find the more unusual parts, if the question comes in."

During 2016, Clas Ohlson received and served orders for 152,000 spare parts from stock. We also received 12,000 requests for parts that are not currently part of our assortment, and we were able to provide solutions for 90 percent of these requests.

This means many sustainable and smart solutions out of the ordinary. All to contribute to a more sustainable world and sustainable lifestyle.