Code of Business Ethics

Clas Ohlson’s Code of Business Ethics defines Clas Ohlson's undertaking to uphold high ethical standards, to make businesslike decisions without personal gain or benefits to a third party or close personal friend, not to accept, offer or pay bribes, and to observe and comply with all relevant laws, rules and regulations.

Showing respect and responsibility for people and the environment and conducting business operations with a high level of ethics, integrity and honesty is a cornerstone of the Clas Ohlson company culture, core values and practices. All Clas Ohlson employees are instructed in, must understand, accept and comply with this Code. Clas Ohlson requires all employees to follow the guidelines in the Code to ensure that our operations are conducted in accordance with current legislation and the Clas Ohlson company culture.

Apart from this Code of Business Ethics, Clas Ohlson always acts in compliance with national laws and regulations and the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute's (Institutet Mot Mutor - IMM) Code on Gifts, Rewards and other Benefits in Business.