RED- Radio Equipment Directive

Directive 2014/53/EU

R & TTE directive EC/1999/5 is replaced with the RED-directive 2014/53/EU from June 1st. Transitional period is 1 year.  

New RED Directive, key changes:

  • It only applies to radio products. There is no longer a provision for Telecom Terminal Equipment (TTE) in this Directive
  • There is a clearer requirement that radio equipment shall be constructed so that it both effectively uses and supports the efficient use of the radio spectrum in order to avoid harmful interference.
  • It specifically includes “radio-determination equipment” such as radar
  • No more class 2 “Alert” labelling or notifications is needed
  • Broadcast receivers will be included in the RED.
  • Calls for the use of common or universal chargers to avoid wastage
  • CE-marking is required.
  • Article 4 covers the compliance of combinations of radio equipment and software. This requires that software can only be used with radio equipment after the compliance of that particular combination of software and radio equipment has been demonstrated.
  • The TCF (technical construction file) becomes Type examination procedure. Notified Body number can only be used under the ‘Full Quality Assurance’ procedure set out in the RED’s Annex IV.
  • Safety assessment must take account for reasonably foreseeable usage conditions, not just intended use.