Chemical testing

Test reports

Chemical test report or risk assessment for relevant chemicals will be asked for by Clas Ohlson and must be sent within two weeks upon request. Tests should be performed on products from the Clas Ohlson product batch. Test report on the raw material in the product can be accepted if the supplier can show documentation to support that the material tested end up in the Clas Ohlson product batch. 

For chemical substances that have no official standard testing method, lab must report following on the test report:

Sample preparation

  • Amount of specimen for preparation, weight and size
  • procedure of extraction, solvents used and sequence

Instrumental performance      

  • instrument used
  • detection limit
  • standard deviation in analytical results
  • calculated result in mg/kg item (i.e textile)

Other information of importance

  • describe modified procedures from known standard method
  • description of the recalculation from mg/kg item to ug/m2 (i.e PFOS)

Instruction to the laboratory

  • always present the actual result of the analysis
  • if nothing detected, note the detection limit of the instrument (i.e < x mg/kg, not n/d).

Test costs

Test fees for tests on the first batch products should be paid by the supplier / i.e. included in the offered price. Clas Ohlson will do random tests also on following batches. Passed tests on subsequent batches will be paid for by Clas Ohlson. Failed tests and following tests until passed must be paid for by the supplier. 

Risk assessments

Clas Ohlson accepts and encourages risk assessments regarding what chemicals are likely to be in the products. If the supplier can provide a satisfying risk assessment, test reports will not be needed for the specific chemicals pointed out in the risk assessment as not likely to be in the product/material.