Product Safety

Clas Ohlson sells a wide range of products, the majority of which are subject to various directives and regulations regarding product safety and environmental protection requirements.

Most requirements are regulated in the EU/EEA by harmonized regulations. One single product can be regulated by several regulations depending on the hazards related to it, and the use of the product. In addition, we also have to consider national requirements for all our markets. Clas Ohlson also has some stricter requirements than the current EU regulations regarding potentially hazardous substances in the products.

Every product that Clas Ohlson purchases must be followed by signed documents confirming compliance with relevant regulations and standards. The documentation of conformity must be signed by the supplier. By signing the document the supplier is legally bound to ensure that he/she always conforms to current relevant legislation and Clas Ohlson's requirements, to keep up to date with any changes to the legislation and modify the product accordingly.

Documents will be sent to the supplier by Clas Ohlson Purchase department.