Extending product life

Clas Ohlson’s growing workshop and spare parts business contributes to the "waste nothing" approach of the circular economy.

With the growing number of consumers worldwide, a point where resources become finite is becoming a business reality. Product lifecycles are also getting shorter, with product innovation on the rise, and new models replacing old ones. Consumers want to keep up with home improvements and a growing number want to do this more sustainably.

Increased consumption and constrained resources are global trends that will only grow in importance. This has an impact on our business, and we have a role to play in addressing the challenge. At the same time, acting on the agenda will create more value for customers and society.

One way in which Clas Ohlson acts is through our aftermarket service which extends product life and demonstrates our “wear but not waste” concept.

While it addresses only part of a complex and challenging issue, repairing a product rather than throwing it away supports more sustainable consumption. It is an example of an approach that is good for our business and boosts for innovation and sustainability.

Less waste, more wear

Clas Ohlson’s product range includes approximately 10,000 spare parts. We are the only operator within retail to offer this unique service, and it is appreciated by an increasing number of customers. On our website, customers can also search for spare parts for products no longer included in the product range – a feature appreciated by consumers, especially with more expensive machinery and tools. Clas Ohlson also sells some parts to products not purchased at Clas Ohlson stores.

Our customer service employees possess in-depth knowledge of products, and can provide advices about spare parts. Service technicians in workshops carry out the repairs at at reasonable prices.

Clas Ohlson is working to further promote its spare parts and workshop services so more customers take advantage of them and extend the use of the products they have purchased.