Sales channels

We want to make the daily meeting with customers as beneficial as possible, in all our sales channels. The shopping experience will be simple and efficient, inspiring and affordable.

We offer accessibility, service, inspiration and smart solutions through an attractive mix of various sales channels. Stores, online shopping, catalogue and telephone will combine to provide our customers with a Clas Ohlson experience, irrespective of where and how they choose to shop. Our new shopping platform improves interaction between catalogue, store and sales through the online store.

Many consumers search for information on the Internet, and visiting the website also contributes to more visits and higher sales in our stores. The various sales channels interact to provide customers with the best purchase experience, in the industry referred to as the omni-channel strategy.

Our stores

Clas Ohlson stores should preferably be located in central shopping centres or attractive retail centres.

We own and operate our stores. The store premises are leased with long-term contracts. Our store concept has been designed to help customers find their way around our stores. It is continuously developing, with new solutions and ideas to make life easier for customers and employees. It shall be easy for customers to find what they are looking for and we invest a great deal in product display and navigation to save time for both customers and employees.

The current store concept was launched in 2008/09 and all stores since opened are designed according to the new concept. Older stores are gradually being adapted as they are renovated or updated.

Digital sales channels

The largest and most popular store is on the Internet and is open around the clock. Our online store is accessible in all markets, and customers are able to easily and efficiently shop from their computers, tablets or mobiles. The online store contains all of our 15,000 products, but also thousands of spare parts, buying guides and inspirational videos. Customers are able to ask questions and receive responses, upload shopping lists, view expanded product information, as well as purchase products that are delivered directly home to the door.

Clas Ohlson catalogue

The classic Clas Ohlson catalogue, which was published for the first time in 1918, is available in our stores for customers to take home.

Club Clas for loyal members

Club Clas, Clas Ohlson’s customer loyalty programme for everyone who appreciates useful and practical solutions to everyday problems, was launched in the Swedish market in March 2013 and already has more than a million members. Membership includes discounts, special offers and invitations to various store events.

All purchases earn points that can be utilised for shopping. Purchase history is saved and customers appreciate receiving more accurate offerings. Stores with many Club Clas members have a high average purchase rate and high turnover.

Club Clas, Clas Ohlson’s loyalty programme, was launched in the Swedish market in 2013, and in the Finnish market in 2014, and has more than 1.8 million members.

Clas Office

In autumn 2014, Clas Office was launched in Sweden and Norway, a corporate offering aimed primarily at small and mid-size companies. Corporate customers are nothing new for Clas Ohlson, however, the launch of Clas Office enables an even more adapted and targeted offering. In conjunction with the launch, the range of office supplies was expanded and more efficient registration and invoicing procedures introduced. When combined with our broad store network and online store, this makes it even easier for corpo¬rate customers to gather all their office purchases with a single supplier.