Our cornerstones in the quality effort

Clas Ohlson’s proprietary brands are thoroughly selected and tested for quality. Our propriety brands should achieve affordability and quality that exceed expectations.  Clas Ohlson invests in the development of proprietary brands and strives to achieve affordability and quality that exceeds expectations.

Risk assessment

Our risk assessment model, which governs the extent of the controls to be implemented, is based on product category and the type of brand.

We have increased requirements for controls and tests of every individual delivery of our proprietary brands before they leave the plant.


We have clear demands that are included in the supplier agreement. Clas Ohlson works hard to achieve affordability and quality beyond expectations for products that carry our brands.

Clas Ohlson also works to minimise the use of hazardous substances in the company’s product range, where we often impose higher demands than those required by legislation.


Before any new products are added to our range, they undergo advanced testing of quality, function, safety, service life and other product features. Testing is carried out mainly in Clas Ohlson’s own workshops.

In addition, extensive controls are performed on location in the plants prior to delivery, based on our risk assessment and requirements. We also cooperate with several independent test institutions to ensure the safety and quality of the products.


Continuous monitoring is an important part of our quality work to gain knowledge for the continued development of our products.

We continuously monitor claims statistics and customer assessments of our products received through the stores, customer service and the Internet.