Our proprietary brands

Clas Ohlson invests in the development of proprietary brands and strives to achieve affordability and quality that exceeds expectations. Today, our proprietary brands account for about 30 per cent of sales. 

Clas Ohlson’s proprietary brands complement the product range in all five product categories and offer customers a wider selection and the opportunity to choose the price and product features that best suit their needs.

Products that carry our brands undergo numerous testing before being approved, both in Insjön, Sweden, and on location in the plants. The first control occurs when our engineers test sample products acquired at trade fairs or on purchasing trips. Only when the engineers have deemed the product to be up to standard and the supplier has undergone a sustainability audit, do we place an order. We are on location at the plant and implement controls during production and carry out a final inspection before delivery.

Long-term relations with prioritised suppliers are crucial, this means that we get to know them and they get to know us and our standards.

Product range for outdoor life, training, cycling and travel accessories to inspire to an active life.

Fittings, hooks, hangers and bathroom furnishing with a focus on design.

Problem solver, smart Clas Ohlson kits and consumables, for example, paint, cleaning articles and office material.

Power tools, bench tools, hand tools, painting supplies, garden tools, garage storage supplies and padlocks. Selected hand tools are of such high quality that they have a 10-year guarantee and all the power tools have a 5-year guarantee.

Kitchen equipment and electrical appliances, household products and products for hygiene and health.

Work lights, heaters, ventilation equipment, digital measuring instruments and electrical installation supplies.

Multimedia products such as sound systems, earphones, cables and telephone accessories. The brand also includes office equipment and alarm products.

Fishing products such as fishing rods, bags, spinners, lines and floats.

Designed products in lighting, as well as energy efficient products and light fittings.

Water-sports equipment including bathing toys, snorkel, swimming goggles and wet suits.

Watches, clocks and alarm clocks, as well as weather stations.

Art supplies such as panels, brushes, water colours, acrylic and oil paint.