How we work

Clas Ohlson works continuously to update the Group’s risk situation by conducting a documented, systematic process in which risks are identified, measured, monitored and reported.

Priority is assigned to risks considered most negative in terms of probable occurrence and their conceivable effects on the operations. Classification is also made on the basis of how well the implemented countermeasures correspond with the desired level, using green, yellow and red. This work is performed in each function based on the composition of Senior Management. Reporting of the implementation of activities and changes in risk assessments is done internally twice per year and when necessary, on a continuous basis.

Risk map (example)

The risks are compiled in risk maps to provide a compilation of the overall exposure. Maps are compiled at Group level and are a key component of the Senior Management and Board’s strategic and operational control. The Group’s Risk Committee performs the work involved in compiling, monitoring and developing the risk management process. These efforts will remain a high priority as the company continues to grow and develop.

Risk management