Clas Ohlson as an investment

Clas Ohlson will be the natural choice for people who need products for practical problem solutions. This will be achieved by offering a broad range of smart products at attractive prices, a proactive, knowledgeable and available customer service, and an inspirational shopping experience through all sales channels. 

Clas Ohlson is continuously expanding with new stores and offerings. We have a high store density in the Nordic region, which means that new markets and customer segments are important to our continued growth.

Our vision is to develop Clas Ohlson into a leading international retailer with high profitability, adding value for all our stakeholders.

Clas Ohlson has a history of high dividend, which for many consecutive years has exceeded the dividend policy of the company, which states that the dividend is to comprise at least 50 per cent of earnings per share after tax, with consideration for the financial position.

Dividend per share, SEK

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