Staff stories

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From Lund to London in less than two years

When Sophia Bonnevier Dudzik commenced Clas Ohlson’s traineeship programme in Insjön in autumn 2010, she was already determined to work abroad. Just a few weeks after completing the programme, she landed at Heathrow, ready for her first project as a Business Developer at Clas Ohlson UK in Kingston-upon-Thames in South West London.

After completing the traineeship programme, Sophia has found the perfect environment and challenge as a Business Developer in the UK. 

Sophia did not arrive in London by chance.
“My supervisor and I maintained an open dialogue throughout the trainee period. We set up a long-term plan, where the organisational requirements and objectives were matched with my personal qualities and ambitions. Working abroad was one of the milestones.”.
During her 18 months as a trainee, Sophia became familiar with many facets of the business, from working in stores and customer service to purchasing, sales and business development.
“Ever since I was 16, when I started working in a chocolate store in Lund, I have loved everything about interacting with customers – serving, selling and talking to people. Working at Clas Ohlson has strengthened that feeling, so helping to develop our sales and marketing communication feels very exciting.

Business development with variation

Sophia is involved in development projects in a range of areas in the UK market, including product ranges, store environments, sales and communication strategies.
“We are ambitious, driven and goal-oriented. But we maintain a high level of flexibility. We spur and challenge each other, share our knowledge and experience, discuss ideas and enjoy working together. I love my job!”
Day-to-day variation appeals to Sophia.
“I am not a specialist, I have a broad range of interests. I prefer to know a little about lots of topics, see the entirety and broader context, which Clas Ohlson has seen, respected and leveraged. As a result, I am growing, feel confident and am working with something I love, which benefits the company in the end.”

Work-life balance

Sophia often refers to Clas Ohlson’s unique corporate culture and work environment.
“I think the company’s work climate and leadership are unusually flexible and open. They are based on a long-term strategy. Junior employees, like me, can also make a contribution. The company also respects that employees have a family and private life, which creates a healthy work-life balance and job security.”
Last but not least, Sophia describes how working at Clas Ohlson never feels monotonous or boring.
“The combination of a modern, expansive Group and an almost century-old retailing tradition creates a wonderful dynamic and presents fantastic opportunities to contribute and make a difference.”