Co-worker stories

Meet two of our co-workers here at Clas Ohlson! Are you interested in working with us? Want to know more about the career opportunities we offer? Don’t hesitate to contact our HR Department if you should have any thoughts or queries.

You grow when you challenge yourself

Tanja Tejada, team leader in Helsinki

I started out in Finland’s first, and back then, only store in Finland, on Mannheimervägen in 2003. Now I work as Team leader in Finland’s largest store at the shopping mall called "Kampen" in Helsinki, as responsible for sales and logistics. 

I started working in this company when I was 19, now I am 33. I have always been a responsible person, and that has been reinforced during the years. I have learned to have a positive attitude and to find solutions and new ideas.

I have grown a lot in my role as a leader. I am curious and want to get things done and I have developed my skills in creating team spirit and how to lead a team. I have learned how to use my body language and how to create a good and relaxed spirit, even when things are busy.

To grow and to challenge yourself

It is important to me as a co-worker to keep good spirit at work. I think it needs to be fun to work. 

You grow when you challenge yourself. It takes courage to seize the moment and take new chances. If you never try anything new you just cannot grow that much. The store at Kampen sis very busy and I have grown so much here. I have learned how to delegate, prioritise and organise.

Possibilities and space 

Clas Ohlson creates possibilities and gives space to grow and develop. You can evolve here, through training or in other ways - and that is inspiring! It is important to keep eyes and ears open, and have a will to learn new things. Then you learn!

/Tanja Tejada, team leader in Helsinki

The importance of not standing still

Matilda Åhs, HR-partner

I started working here in the fall of 2007, in the store in Vällingby, Sweden. Today I am a HR Business partner for the West and East regions of Sweden. That means I support our store managers and regional managers in HR-related matters.

When I came to Clas Ohlson, I was a newly graduate in human resource management. I perceived Clas Ohlson as a growing company, so I thought maybe I could grow there too. So I started here. A good decision it proved! 

I have always been interested in recruiting and got the chance early on to work with that. For example, when we opened up our market in UK.

Looking back at my time here at Clas Ohlson, there has always been something new going on every now and then. Even though I like what I do, it is important for me not to stand still - I want new challenges, it is as simple as that!

Trust and challenges 

I grow when I feel trust from my managers and when I get new challenges. It requires skilled managers and leaders, and I believe I have that.

The meeting with our customers is what makes this company move, and I look at for example candidates as our customers as well. I want everyone to have a positive experience with Clas Ohlson, and when it comes to my own profession, this often means delivering fast and correct replies, so that the experience of us is positive -  even if you, for example, would not advance in the recruiting process.

Matilda Åhs, HR-partner