The key to our continued expansion in Europe is that we can retain, develop and attract skilled and committed employees to our various professional roles and markets. We do this by being a modern, responsive and exciting employer, and by offering a gender-balanced and healthy workplace with challenging assignments, continuous skills development, good working conditions and international career opportunities.


Diversity and gender equality

All Clas Ohlson employees must have the same rights, opportunities and obligations. We consider diversity a natural reflection of the world we live in and vital for our continued growth. Our approach to diversity and gender equality will permeate all of our operations, and discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, religion, ethnic origin, disability or sexual orientation is not permitted. One of our goals is that neither gender will account for less than 40 per cent of each professional category, which is achieved through targeted skills development combined with the prioritisation of gender equality when recruiting. During the financial year, 42 per cent (43 per cent 2012/13) of the company’s employees were women. The proportion of women on the Board was 33 per cent (38 per cent 2012/13) and in senior management, 30 per cent (20 per cent 2012/13). On 30 April 2014, 47 per cent of our personnel were younger than 30, while 10 per cent were older than 50.

Skills development

Business-orientated skills development is vital for our continued growth and to increase employees’ commitment, motivation and job satisfaction. New employees in the Group undergo “Insjön training,” a basic course located in Insjön to learn about Clas Ohlson’s corporate culture and core values. Continuous training takes place in all professional categories and levels. In the preceding year, our employees participated in a total of 10 hours training per person, including interactive training programmes via Clas Ohlson’s digital learning portal.


Clas Ohlson offers a healthy work environment, where employees enjoy physical and mental well-being, and feel a sense of security and belonging. During the financial year, the employee turnover was 17 per cent (including parttime employees) compared with 17,9 per cent in 2012/13. Total sickness absence was 5 per cent. Clas Ohlson works proactively and preventively to improve the company’s sickness absence figures, through initiatives such as training courses and preventive healthcare.


Managers at Clas Ohlson are expected to combine good employeeship with clear, goal-oriented and committed leadership based on the company's core values. Our managers play a key role in developing the business skills of each employee. To create a culture where we are always open to opportunities to develop the company based on our commercial awareness, customer focus and desire to generate results.


All recruitment is aligned with our growth strategy and our objective to promote gender equality and diversity. Recruitment takes place both externally and internally. Clas Ohlson encourages employees to take on new challenges within the Group.