Clas Ohlson Academy

Clas Ohlson’s main objective is to be the most obvious choice for our customers to go to for help in solving their everyday practical problems. A major requirement for us to maintain our strong market position is to have motivated and well trained staff. Clas Ohlson Academy provides training courses on all levels and in every country throughout our entire organisation. Our courses range from brief introduction courses to sales and complete trainee and leadership programmes.

Knowledge – a stepping stone in your career

Training which corresponds to our company’s expansion plans and business goals, is an essential stepping stone for all staff in their career development. Every staff member spends a number of hours a year involved in some form of training with the goal of progressing within their own fields and within the company as a whole. The basis for this all-embracing training plan is a comprehensive and systematic needs analysis and skills inventory. Each country within the corporation is provided with its own training coordinator.