Career FAQ

How do I apply for a job at Clas Ohlson?

The easiest way is to go to our homepage. Go in under “Job vacancies”, and fill in an online application. Want to know about our currently advertised positions? Click here

Are summer jobs available?

Depending on need and availability, we do employ staff for the summer, but the final decision is up to each individual store. Contact the Store Manager in the store you wish to work in. Our minimum age for working in store is 18.

Do you have any new stores under way where I could apply?

Any planned new store openings will be listed on our homepage. Job openings for new store staff are also listed under "Job Vacancies".

If I want to work in one of your UK stores, what should I do?

Whatever store you would like to work in, you must always apply to the actual store. Contact the Store Manager. Want to know which stores we have in the UK? Click here

Can I register my personal profile and CV with you?

Yes, if you’re interested in working with us but you can’t find a position that matches your qualifications and profile, you can leave a personal letter of interest with us and one of our recruiters will contact you when a vacancy becomes available. Letter of interest

I can’t seem to log in to the page for job applicants, what’s wrong?

1/ Make sure that you are actually on our job vacancies page and not on our online store.
2/ Remember to differentiate between capital and lower case letters when logging in.
3/ Have you filled out your e-mail address correctly—check carefully!
4/ Try again later. It may be a temporary technical problem we are experiencing.
5/ If none of the above has helped you, then you can also send in you application to us by e-mail to and your application will be registered manually.

How should I go about applying for thesis work at Clas Ohlson?

We look forward to contacts with students, since it gives us the opportunity to prospect future staff members even at such an early stage. If you want to do your thesis work with us contact us by e-mailing Since we have many requests it would be advisable for you to specify your topic and what area you want to concentrate on. This will make it easier for us to help you.

I’m doing a school project and need information on your company. What should I do?

Start by reading through our latest annual report found on our home page. You can even view a video about the history of Clas Ohlson online. Click on the links to your right and you’ll find what you need. If you don’t find the information that you need you can e-mail us at, and we’ll help you find what you need. However, it is probably faster and easier to find the information you need by following the suggestions above first. Best of Luck!