Vision, mission & business concept

Clas Ohlson offer smart, simple, practical solutions at attractive prices that make it easy for people to solve everyday practical projects and small problems.

Clas Ohlson will be the natural choice for people who need products for practical problem solutions. This will be achieved by offering a broad range of smart products at attractive prices, a proactive, knowledgeable and available customer service, and an inspirational shopping experience through all sales channels.

Our vision

To develop Clas Ohlson into a leading international modern hardware retailer, with high profitability that adds value for all stakeholders.

Our mission

To help and inspire people to improve their everyday life by offering smart, simple, practical solutions at attractive prices.

Our business concept

We will sell dependable products at low prices and with the right quality according to need. (The founder, Clas Ohlson’s original business concept)

Our financial objectives

  • Annual sales growth in comparable stores of at least 2 per cent

  • A net total of 10–15 new stores is expected for 2017/18

  • An operating margin of at least 10 per cent

Sustainability targets

  • The proportion of products that promote a more sustainable lifestyle should amount to not less than 25% of sales by 2020.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions from transportation of goods in relation to our turnover.