Our values

Clas Ohlson strong core values are the compass for all work conducted by the company and the guiding principle for how we approach and communicate with each other, our customers, suppliers and society at large. 

Clas Ohlson have nearly one hundred years of retail tradition and we like doing good business, business that is sustainable and good for our customers and us. For us, it is important that our core values remain clear, alive and present in our everyday work.

The Clas Ohlson spirit is one of our most valuable assets. Salesmanship is the core and rests on four cornerstones: drive, warmth, innovation and commitment.


For us at Clas Ohlson, drive means that we make things happen.


For us at Clas Ohlson, warmth means that we radiate kindness, consideration and the desire to give good service.


For us at Clas Ohlson, innovation means that we always look for new opportunities and simple solutions.


For us at Clas Ohlson, commitment means undertaking a personal responsibility.