Customers’ needs are our starting point

Flexibility is required in order to rapidly adapt the operation to changes occurring in the surrounding environment and to be able to ensure long-term sustainable business. The core of our business concept is our customer offering. Based on good understanding of the customer and their needs, we can develop and provide an attractive offering to our customers through all our sales channels.

Strategic focus areas

In our long-term strategic work we have chosen to focus on six areas – our customer offer, our customer interaction, our expansion, our supply network, our ways of working and our people - where we set out the objectives for all operations conducted at Clas Ohlson. We also work with short-term shared priorities, which are given set targets and followed up at least once each month, in the respective strategic focus areas.



Our customer offer

Clas Ohlson will be the natural choice for practical problem solutions by:

  • Optimising our product range based on the needs of our customers and the trends in the markets in which we operate
  • Optimising our category and product mix, and developing our own brands with a focus on quality and design
  • Strengthening our offering to corporate customers, Clas Office
  • Developing our service concept and our spare-parts operation
  • Developing and increasing our range of products promoting a more sustainable lifestyle



Our customer interaction

Clas Ohlson will increase the loyalty of existing customers and attract new customers by:

  • Developing our excellent customer service
  • Developing our sales channels to become even more accessible and inspiring
  • Developing Clas Ohlson’s omni-channel structure
  • Further developing our Club Clas loyalty programme
  • Strengthening our brand and communicating our sustainability agenda and sustainability efforts more clearly



Our expansion

Clas Ohlson will continue to expand operations in existing and new markets by:

  • Growing operations in existing markets and developing the store network and the online store
  • Establishing Clas Ohlson in more countries, where Germany is next in line
  • Developing our franchise model and growing in the Gulf region



Our supply network

Clas Ohlson will continue to optimise the supply chain by:

  • Working in a more integrated manner with our prioritised suppliers
  • Developing new purchasing markets
  • Developing our distribution network
  • Improving lead times and service levels
  • Reducing CO2 emissions across the supply chain



Our ways of working

Clas Ohlson will enhance efficiency and simplify its ways of working by:

  • Reviewing and developing our business-critical processes
  • Optimising our organisational structure
  • Strengthening our culture and our values
  • Implementing our new business system sCORE (Systems for Clas Ohlson Retail Efficiency)
  • Ensuring integrated sustainability efforts in all strategic focus areas
  • Ensuring compliance with our Code of Conduct and Code of Business Ethics



Our people

Clas Ohlson will ensure a high-performance and customer-oriented organisation by:

  • Strengthening leadership
  • Involving and developing the competence of our employees
  • Increasing diversity
  • Promoting the health and well-being our of employees

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