Our markets

Clas Ohlson has expanded at a high pace during the past years. Today, we have stores in five markets and intend to become a leading international modern hardware retailer.

Clas Ohlson offers the customers inspirational shopping experiences in five markets, and via growing e-commerce. It is a long-term expansion with focus on sustainability and profitability.


Number of stores: 88
First store: 1918
Sales 2016/17: 3 588 MSEK
Percentage of total sales: 45 %


In Sweden, Clas Ohlson is a wellknown and established brand. Here, we focus on further strengthening the loyalty that our broad customer base has shown us by developing our excellent customer service and enhancing the relevance of our offering. Clas Ohlson has a positive sales trend in Sweden and we will continue to develop the store network in 2017/18.



Number of stores: 87
First store: 1991
Sales 2016/17: 3 190 MSEK
Percentage of total sales: 40 %

The Clas Ohlson brand enjoys a high level of recognition in the Norwegian market, and the interest in our offering is extremely strong. Our new stores were positively received and the sales trend is positive. We will continue to develop our sales channels in Norway in the 2017/18 financial year.



Number of stores: 39
First store: 2002
Sales 2016/17: 913 MSEK
Percentage of total sales: 11 %

We are strengthening our position in Finland, and greater consumer confi- dence is leading to growth. We have higher annual growth than the market, which is a result of a strong focus on customer care and seasonal offerings. We have also opened new stores and rebuilt older stores. During 2017/18 we will continue to grow in the Finnish market by opening more stores.


Outside Nordic countries

Clas Ohlson reports the operations in the UK, Germany and the franchise operations in Dubai in one segment that we refer to as Outside Nordic countries. Sales during the financial year were impacted by the ongoing restructuring programme in the UK.

Sales 2016/17: 299 MSEK (affected by store optimisation in the UK)
Percentage of total sales: 4 %


Number of stores: 7
First store: 2008

Sales (MSEK) is reported together with Dubai and Germany in the segment ”Outside Nordic countries"

During the 2016/17 financial year, we implemented a restructuring programme in the UK that focused on concentrating smaller format stores to the London region. As a result, we closed six stores during the year in the UK market. We will continue to increase brand awareness and concentrate operations in the London region during the 2017/18 financial year.



Number of stores: 0
First store: 2014. Ended: 31 December 2017.

Sales (MSEK) is reported together with UK and Germany in the segment ”Outside the Nordic Region”.

* Franchise



Number of stores: 4
First store: 2016

Sales (MSEK) is reported together with UK and Dubai in the segment ”Outside Nordic countries”.

Three stores were opened during the financial year, all concentrated in Hamburg, and launched an online store. We have received positive feedback from our customers and can see a positive trend in key indicators such as conversion and average ticket value. We will continue to attract consumers in the Hamburg region during the 2017/18 financial year by way of regular market activities and relevant offerings, and we will open one additional store in central Hamburg.

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