Our business model

Clas Ohlson will be the natural choice for people who need products for practical problem solutions.

This will be achieved by offering a broad range of smart products at attractive prices, a proactive, knowledgeable and available customer service, and an inspirational shopping experience through all sales channels.

Range development

Based on knowledge and insight about our customers and their needs, we
continuously develop our product range. The range must be relevant and attractive and we want to offer alternatives to suit different types of users. We adjust the range based on local market conditions and preferences. We are also continuously increasing the proportion of products that support a more sustainable lifestyle.

We offer products and services that make everyday life easy, with high demands placed on function, price, quality, product safety and sustainability in five categories: Hardware, Electrical, Multimedia, Home and Leisure. Proprietary brands featuring innovative products enable us to surpass customers’ expectations.


Clas Ohlson purchases products from more than 600 suppliers in Europe and 700 manufacturers in Asia. Slightly less than 70 per cent of all of our products are manufactured in Asia.

An efficient purchasing organisation, with our own offices in China, a close relation-ship with our suppliers and large volumes enable us to have an attractively priced and sustainable offering. The percentage of direct purchases increased to 41 per cent during the year. We conduct extensive product testing and ensure that our products meet all legislative requirements before they reach our sales channels.

Inventory and distribution

A sustainable flow of goods is one of Clas Ohlson’s most important success factors. We consolidate shipments for increased efficiency and lower environmental impact. Our distribution centre in Insjön, Sweden, coordinates distribution and logistics, and ensures the best possible inventory management and service level. Inventory turnover is high. The stores place orders automatically and the new products are delivered to the stores within about 1-3 days.

Sales and service

Clas Ohlson offers easily accessible and inspiring sales channels and provides excellent customer service. Most of our sales currently occur through our stores, but we offer our products and meet customers in several integrated sales channels.

We help our customers to make well-informed choices to buy smart products with superior environmental performance. We have different store formats and our concept is continuously developed to adapt to the location, competition and customer. Our largest store is our online store, which is always open and
is just as easy to use on a computer as it is on a mobile phone or tablet.

Product use and reuse

Our products are to be easy to use, reuse and recycle, which places requirements on materials, chemicals, packaging material and packages. The product life is crucial in reducing impact on the environment and the climate. We believe in wear but not waste and our range of more than 10,000 spare parts is popular among cost and environmentally conscious customers.