Clas Ohlson museum

Clas Ohlson was only 22, when he started his mail-order business, which today is listed on the stock exchange and has thousands of staff working in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK and China. 

Clas Ohlson Museum is located in Insjön, Dalarna County, Sweden.

The exhibitions offer a fascinating and nostalgic trip through our company’s history, through handbooks, catalogues from the 1920s onwards, antique band saws, gramophones, photo equipment, kayaks, radio receivers and hundreds of other products. We even have a little quaint movie theatre in the museum, where you can see a film about Clas Ohlson at your leisure. 

The ambition is to create a living history, where a feeling for the area and the Clas Ohlson spirit has a chance to come to the forefront. We also want to display how our company has grown tremendously through decenniums of world wars, technical developments and an ever increasing standard of prosperity.


Antiques from the past

Do you have any items, handbooks or drawings that you have bought from Clas Ohlson long ago or perhaps some amusing anecdotes about the company? If so, get in touch with us!

Business hours

Monday - Friday: 9:45 am-05:00 pm
Saturday: 9:45 am-04:00 pm
Sunday: 10:45 am-04:00 pm

Free admittance!


Phone: +46 (0)247 44404